Monday, April 29, 2013

Topher is 5! (and a day short of a month...)

man my blogging skills have been terrible this year! but somehow i managed to blog twice in april (three if i get this up in the next few days). but i didn't blog about my kids birthdays' until a month after the fact. better late than never right???

so, without further ado- let's do Topher's fifth year rundown:

Name: Christopher Joseph Sunjae Watson
Height: 41 inches (good for most rides at Disneyland! unfortunately that includes Tower of Terror)
Weight: 36 lbs
(that puts him at the 10th percentile for both height and weight... apparently Topher is favoring his Ham genes as opposed to his Watson ones... for now...)
Favorite Things To Do: Building Legos, playing with Legos, looking at Legos, reading Lego instruction manuals, watching Star Wars, and talking about how much he didn't like going on The Tower of Terror at Disneyland (separate post..)
Favorite Foods: Grilled cheese sandwiches, Mc Donalds hamburgers, soups, chicken pot pie, korean spicy pork, candy, warm drinks (especially apple cider)
Hilarious/Terrible moment recently: During March Madness (college basketball for those who truly don't know or care about sports) we had the tv on to random games quite a bit. Topher was sitting in the living room playing with hid Legos and then he looks up at the tv and says: "Look mom! Those girls are playing basketball! Why are they doing that? Only boys play basketball..."
That's right folks- my son is already a chauvinistic pig.
At least he's easy on the eyes.
(Don't worry, I am trying to teach him about women's rights. I will have him fixed up and ready to be married in the next twenty years.)
On Topher's birthday he got to go to school- which is fine cause he likes school. AND he brought in donut holes (munchkins) from one of his favorite eateries- Dunkin Donuts!
Then we had lunch at home- chicken pot pie :) (the microwavable variety. thanks Marie Callendar!)
And then we went to the mall to meet one of my friend's who lives way up north, and we had cookies, cupcakes, and coffee. It was wonderful!
Then we came home and left Mia with a babysitter, and then we waited for Chris to get home from work (which was a miracle from the Lord himself) and we went to Mc Donalds with Topher's bffs/cousins Gabe and Corban and Robert and Lindsay.
And THEN we met Topher's twin, Barb, and Jerry and their housemate/our dogsitter Mariesa, at the movie theater to watch the Croods.
An EXCELLENT day if I do say so myself.
Here are some pics of Topher on his birthday and throughout the year:


Friday, April 26, 2013

Lily is 6! (plus a month and a week...)

Name: Lily Jaye Nara Watson

Height: 44.25 inches

Weight: 40 lbs
(which puts her at about the 25th percentile for height and weight)

Favorite Things To Do: color, go to school, hang out with family and friends, read, watch tv/movies, ride her scooter and bike, run around like a crazy person, make everyone laugh

Favorite Shows: Doc Mc Stuffins, Lalaloopsy, pretty much anything on Nickelodeon

Favorite Foods: kalbi, cereal, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, carrots with ranch (never carrots with no ranch), strawberries and mangos

Favorite Disney Princess: Belle from Beauty and the beast ("because she has brown hair just like me!" she is obviously gravitating more to the Watson in her as opposed to the Ham by not mentioning "Mulan"...)

Dislikes: peanut butter (to the point that she has told people she is allergic to it. liar!), warm drinks (will tolerate hot chocolate if there are marshmallows present), shopping (chris couldn't be happier), when chris goes to work (every night we talk about our least favorite thing that happened that day and EVERY DAY it is that chris goes to work.)

So, that's my Lilster in a nutshell. She wakes up every morning with a ridiculous smile on her face and is ready for the day! Lately she has been waking up and getting herself dressed before coming upstairs- and her outfits are always a delight to my heart. The temptation to ask her to change is really great on some days, but I am trying really hard to let her find her own personal style (which is kinda hard since i buy all of her clothes...) The best thing that she does though is she layers a tank top under her dresses- she wants to be modest!!! There are so many things that she does that make Chris and I melt with pride, and that's pretty high on our list!

Lily is pretty much the best big sister in the universe. She cannot go to Dunkin Donuts or the Dollar Store without getting something for Topher too. She loves Mia so much and is just waiting until they can share a room- estrogen extravaganza!

This year we had the distinct pleasure of celebrating Lily's sixth birthday in California with the Malloys. We had a wonderful breakfast of cereal (her fave) and then we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had the best time!!!! We saw penguins, jelly fish, sardines, so many things. Funny side note- if you've seen "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"- you know that it's a movie that takes place in Swallow Falls, the sardine capitol of the world. Jeehon was talking about how the auqarium is in an old sardine canning factory and when we were driving there and taking our sweet time, Lily said: "Are we at Swallow Falls yet?" So stinkin cute and funny. After the aquarium we went back to the house, then went to Chuck E Cheeses. Great time had by all. Then we came back home and had Lily and Topher's joint family birthday part at Chuck E Cheeses AGAIN. It's great to be six!

Here are some great pics of Lily from this year- but beware- there are lots of precious dimples that will make you melt:









Thursday, April 4, 2013


on march 17th we loaded up into our Cadillac and we drove to Monterey to go see the malloys.
the drive took about 10 hours...

we saw nature at it's finest

we went to the most incredible aquarium in the universe (twice!)

we went to the wharf and ate delicious seafood

and cotton candy!

we launched rockets


snuggled at santa cruz beach

rode the rides at the santa cruz beach

played in the sand at the beach

went to a lot of parks

and then we drove back home
I almost didn't come back people. Monterey was so beautiful, the water, the magically chilly spring weather, my family hanging out, relaxing, and playing so nicely (chris and jeehon only got into two fist fights. jeehon won both times.)