Friday, May 31, 2013

Maurice is 6 months old

some people have been asking how Maurice is doing. so here is a post dedicated to him. ridiculous, I know. but I need to get my second post for the month in
(and I only have 1 hour and 54 minutes to go!)
 so here we go!
here are chris, lily, and Maurice, enjoying some late night Dairy Queen. somehow food becomes a chameleon on Maurice cause you can't really see it- but there is quite a bit of ice cream in that beard.
and lily wants to be just like her dad so she has a giant chocolate mustache.
she's the best.
here is Maurice grabbing another bite to eat after a hard day's work:
here is Maurice working hard:

(chris' co-worker took this picture while chris was fast asleep, waiting for his turn to testify at a trial. he really looks like a transient who got dressed up so that he could sleep in the air conditioned court house.)

here is Maurice going for a swim:

(chris has IMPECCABLE grooming habits.)
Maurice trying out my pink shades. Pretty.

but not as pretty as this:

Happy weekend all!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Disney Disney Disney

we went to Disneyland.
and it was The Best.
wes and kim had their 20th wedding anniversary and invited all us kids and our kids to join them in their wild celebration.
and we were stoked!
so there were 15 of us:
wes, kim, bre, josh, aly, robert, lindsay, chris, and myself,
and then lily, gabe, topher, corban, emma and mia.
and two babies in the womb- bre's and aly's.
praise Jesus- not mine.
I am so excited for these two women- they are going to be wicked good mamas.
anyhoo, we were at the park on sunday, monday, and tuesday- from the minute they opened til the minute they closed. it was exhausting. and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we may have had one traumatic experience in that chris decided that our five year old son was old enough to handle the tower of terror. he was wrong, and we will probably pay for it in a few years via serious counseling bills.
I don't need to go into details cause the details shall haunt us forever. I blog cause my memory is terrible and I forget things like- what topher's first word was (sorry bud!) but this tower of terror we will not forget, even if we try. (and wes has it on video.)
so, it was an incredible three days for our family and we drove back to Arizona feeling pretty ridiculously blessed.
bre, lindsay, gabe, and emma on a boat ride... near the tea cups :)
 (remember what I said about my memory!)

mia and her k-ma! love this pic

the Watson men (jr version)

chris, Maurice, and robert 
(an aside: when Robert's kids saw his shirt they asked why he had a chocolate milk mustache- which is what his real 'beard' looks like next to Maurice.)

our beautiful princesses getting ready for lunch at Ariel's Grotto
(one of the fanciest and most delicious lunches I have ever consumed!)

mia loving her color coordinated dessert

lindsay, emma, gabe, aly, and lily waiting for Dumbo's flying elephant ride 

aly and topher on the supercute bug's life caterpillar ride

wes enjoying his FIRST senior's meal!

topher and lily waiting in line for their FIRST ride at Disneyland ever!!!
star tours!

topher and papa wes really ready for star tours! it was so great!!!!
one of my fave pics from the trip. our family is hilarious.

another fave pic. lily and her papa wes

getting ready to go home :(



my girls and I on our last ride- the buzz light year ride! (went on that 4 times in 3 days I think.)

hopefully she will remember SOMETHING from this trip! even if she doesn't, I will just show her these pictures over and over and over again!

corban, josh, mia, robert, emma, aly, bre, and lily on the caterpillar ride (I think the kids rode this 3 times too. but not topher... he was too busy having his childhood robbed from him at the tower of terror...)

wes, kim, chris, topher, and I waiting for the tower of terror. picture taken by lindsay who will also forever be involved in topher's reoccurring nightmares... ;)

precious memories- lily, goofy, gabe, and topher

the kids with 'the newsies' version of mickey mouse

lily, josh, and topher waiting for California adventure- which was an awesome ride!!!!

kim and the old boys waiting for California Adventure
josh and superpregnant bre! happy sister and brother :)

the precious expectant couple :)

chris, Maurice, and minnie mia :)