Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oops. I did it again.

For the most part, I am a very rational, level-headed woman. I spaz out every once in awhile, when the occasion calls for it, but I rarely cry, much to the pleasure of my husband. Lately, I have been feeling, uh, not so rational. Have kinda felt like crying a few times this week, the most memorable time being a few weeks ago while I watched the season finale of 'So You Think You Can Dance' They had this little guy who had some kind of genetic disorder, and he danced his little heart out and it was so amazing! I held back tears cause I was with a girlfriend- a well-known frequent cryer, and if she wasn't even shedding any tears, there was no reason why I should be. Or was there?...

So, my baby is 5 months old and she is quite the little chunk-a-lunk! The books say that once babies start eating solid foods, their interest in The Breasts decreases. The books also say that babies often do not like the taste of folrmula so it is a good idea to do a ratio of more breastmilk to formula and to change the ratio as time goes on. Lily had her first taste (ok, tastes) of formula when we were in Michigan two weeks ago for a wedding. I was busy! I was in the wedding and I could not pump enough breastmilk to satiate my little piglet. And having my baby attached to my boob at the altar was not an option (apparently people frown upon that kind of thing. Go figure.) Anyway, my little Lilers chowed that formula down like it was going out of style. So she drinks formula just fine, she is always ecstatic to see her great friends- The Breasts, and she eats cereal off the spoon as if she's been doing it her whole life. This girl LOVES TO EAT. Anyway, I figured that my ravenous appetite was due to my baby literally sucking everything outta me...

Now, I know I had mentioned earlier that I am a rational person, and what I am about to tell you may not sound like something a smart person would do- but just bear with me for a sec. When I was Finally ready to be intimate with my husband again after giving birth- a mere three months after the fact (did I mention I am 110lbs not-pregnant, and my husband is 180lbs not-pregnant, and my baby came out a week early at a whoppping 8lbs 3 oz. All these facts were factors in our need to wait.) Another set back was due to the Progestin-only birth control pill I started a few weeks earlier. Apparently those little suckers are more sensitive than my mom on menopause. The normal pill is a very relaxed and forgiving pill- if you forget to take it one day, you can double up the next day. Sure you're supposed to take them at the same time everyday, but the world doesn't come to a screeching halt if you are a bit late. The Progestin-only pill is not so lenient. If you should happen to miss your dosage time by five minutes it makes your body think it's not on the pill any more at all and therefore causing you to have a period. No one told me about the fickle nature of this pill, so I kept taking it, around 3:00pm every day, give or take 30 to five minutes, and I kept getting my period! It would start and go on for about a week, then it would stop for a week, then start up again, then stop, then start, AGAIN. Yes, I had my period three times in June. Boo. I finally went to the doctor after the third time, and they blamed it all on the Progestin-only pill. So I stopped taking it, and decided that condoms would be our birth control method of choice until I was done breast feeding.

I had been on the Pill (the nice one) since we got married, so I never had used condoms before. I bought some with my friend who was an avid condom user, and had them ready in my bed-side table, ready for action. When action night finally arrived, my husband slipped one on, we started doing the deed (with LOTS of lube) but stopped mid-way. I couldn't really feel a difference (like I said, there was a lot of lube involved) but my husband was very uncomfortable. He said he would just 'pull out' before anything happened. And then that became our new birth control method of choice. As my father would say in his broken English- 'that is not quite an idea'.

Shockingly enough- I'm pregnant again! My sister says my husband and I are like stupid high school students, and I guess we are. I seriously thought that the combination of my breast feeding, and my husband pulling out- there was no way we'd get pregnant. Oops. I did it again.
Fortunately, my husband is a major family-oriented man, so he is very excited about our surprise addition. It took me a second longer to get excited, but I surely am now.

What's the moral to this terribly long blog? There is a reason they do not put the 'Pull Out Method' in text books about sex and birth control. Unless it's in the section for 'Do not try this at home idiots.'

Mixed Family

Here we are in our backyard in Gilbert, Az. We is my five month old baby Lily, my studmuffin husband CJW, and our dogs Meeklo (the little guy) and Mally (the giant gal). We are a pretty happy little family for the most part. The dogs have been starving for attention since the baby came into this world, but alas, if they could shower themselves and not get hair, dirt and drool all over the place, they would be more than welcome to hang out in the living room with the rest of us. Meeklo is a stray off the street. We think he is part chihuahua part pug. Who knows. My husband named him after a character in a very bad b-list movie that no one has ever heard of except for our friends because they all have to watch this movie to enter 'the inner circle'. Mally is a purebred English Mastiff. We paid a buttload of money for her. She is a sweet dog, but dang does she get dirty! She is gentle around the babe, but quite frankly, the thought of her drooling all over my child makes me gag the way Lily's diapers still make her daddy gag. Out of all of our 'babies', Mally is the only 'full breed'. Her name is kindakorean. 'Mal' means horse in Korean, which is why we named her what we did. Presently (in this picture) she is just barely half the size she will be when she's full-grown. She is literally eating us straight into the poor house.

My hubby's name is Chris and he is 100% 'White'. He's got some Irish, Scottish, maybesomethinelse blood in him. Though I may not know his exact genealogical makeup, I do know that he is the best husband a girl could ask for, and he has made my life so much more than I ever thought I wanted. He is amazing, and there is never a dull moment with the lad. We ironically met in Korea a number of years ago. He was a Marine doing Embassy duty, and I was in Korea trying to 'find my roots' (who woulda thunk my roots were a native Arizonite??!? My parents were very displeased at first but have since gotten over it. Long story. Maybe I will share it some day.) He is now proudly serving as a police officer here in the desert. He loves his job which is a blessing for everyone (except them bad guys).

As for me, I am 100% 'Yellow' (and very politically incorrect.) I have black hair and football shaped eyes. I am Korean. I was born there, but then moved over to the Great White Freezing North (or whatever Americans tend to call Canada) which is where I grew up. Most of my friends in Canada are still single (as in not married) and working. Some friends are in their mid-twenties, some are in their early thirties. But Arizona is like some alternate universe where people get married straight outta college, if not high school, and have kids in their early 20s. I got married here in Arizona at 24 and birthed my beautiful giant baby at 26. Boy did I feel old when I first moved here. But I'm not old! I'm still but a child occassionally (ok, more often than not). So now I have joined the epidemic in America of 'babies having babies'.