Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rose-coloured Glasses

Every couple of weeks, I take out my digital camera and save a plethora of random pics that I have taken of Lily. They are all always so very cute. And then after I save them onto the computer an 'old' picture of Lily will catch my eye, and then I will spend about ten to thirty minutes looking at 'old' pictures of my baby. ('Old' as in from four months ago!)
When Lily was first born, I remember everyone saying that she was so beautiful. I admittedly remember thinking the same thing. Our friends (not biased at all....) often said 'Man, there are a lot of strange looking babies out there, but Lily really truly is beautiful.' Again- I remember agreeing with them. Vehemently at times. Especially when I saw other people's newborns. But now, looking at Lily's newborn pictures- I gotta admit- she's a little bit weird-looking. And for every stage past newborn, I always thought we had the most beautiful looking girl in the whole wide world- slightly jaundiced skin, and dandruff face and all (Yes. She really did have dandruff on her face for a while. A little selsun Blue cleared it right up.) So what does this all mean? I have just discovered how delusional I am. But not just me- all those around me as well. But I guess that is just one of the joys of parenthood.

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