Thursday, June 26, 2008

Once a Week

Today is Thursday. Topher pooped. This is more of a reminder for myself than it is news for you. Cause here's the thing- Topher poos about once a week. Sometimes less. (I know, talk about being a low-maintenance baby! But I would rather he pooed more, not less.) The first time it happened, he probably waited about five days before pooing, and it was a doozy when it finally arrived. Then he waited seven days. Then another seven or so. Then he went for so long that I actually couldn't remember the last time he had pooed. I'm pretty sure it was about nine days. And then he finally pooed and I was SO HAPPY! But when I opened his diaper I was terribly disappointed. It was so not substantial. There was no way that what I found in his diaper was all the waste he had accumulated for over nine days. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And then today, four days after his petit poo, we hit the mother lode. And it was awesome. I have never been so excited about poo before. Ah, to be a mother.

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