Monday, November 3, 2008

Anti-Climactic Halloween

Remember what I said about bragging and how it gets you nowhere fast? Well, we had our annual small group Halloween Chili Party. It was a great night filled with INCREDIBLE costumes. I thought our family was pretty dang cute, but Jeehon bragged about our secret costumes and so everyone stepped it up a notch or two. We were not even recognized in the group votes! At least Chris got three votes in the individual category. Thinking of what we are going to do next year already...

Mike and Drew as the 'Ambiguously Gay Duo'. They won the 'Group Costume'
The 'gay duo's real life wives- Christin and Cindy as Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. Amazing! My favorite costumes of the night. My favorite moment of the night was when high schoolers came trick or treating and asked if they were stewardesses... Maverick stewardesses maybe...

Lindsay and Robert came as the Kungfu Family. Gabe was Kungfu panda. So cute (I don't have a good pic of him though. I will have to get one and post it later). Lindsay was Kungfu Miss Piggy and Robert was Kungfu Cow.

Lily and Sungu as Dorothy and The Tin Man. This was from the Borders Costume Contest we won.

Our Wizard of Oz family pic. Topher was the Cowardly Lion, Jeehon is the Scarecrow, Chris is Glinda the Good Witch, and I am the Wicked Witch. Jeehon and I proudly made CHris' dress by hand. It looks like crap up-close, but we are proud of all the ghetto hand-made costumes.

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