Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What to do?

So, I am just about at wit's end.

Lily will not stay in her bed and I do not know what to do. The last two nights (before last night) she crawled into bed with me and Chris- without my realizing it. I guess I have been pretty tired to not notice an extra 25 lb weight crawling over me to get into the middle of the bed.

Then last night Chris and I went to bed a little past midnight cause we watched '7 pounds', the new Will Smith movie. Kinda depressing, I gotta be honest. And about 10 minutes of me laying in my bed in blissful peace, Lily woke up. And my heart started pounding. I intercepted her in the hallway and brought her back into bed. Her bed. And then she patted the space next to her in bed so that I would lay down next to her. Why does she have to be so cute AND conniving? Anyhoo, I usually just lay on the floor next to her till she falls asleep so that I have an easier path to escape her room. But I succumbed to my baby girl's cuteness and laid next to her. Big mistake.

She started pulling my hair, in her feeble attempts to 'gently' run her fingers through my hair. We took turns sleeping it seemed. Everytime I woke up, Lily would be staring at me (yea, creepy) and then se would kinda drift into a superlight sleep. And then if I tried to move, she would wake up again.

Oh to sleep in my own bed for a whole night... when will this happen? It's like starting all over again at the newborn stage.

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