Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour is Upon Us

hello dear friends.
so much great news to share! i woke up with a gross head cold this morning. i kinda feel like dying. and i was supposed to have people hanging out with me at different points of this evening- but they've bailed on me, or i have bailed on them. so great. i love me some fellowship, but tonight i need to lay low.
and even in my sucky feeling state, chris and the kids and i managed to get our butts to the mesa house for the last time to clean out the garage of the last of our boxes so that our new renters can move in! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise Jesus. times a million times a million. then we met our new renters at starbucks to give them their keys and to pick up their deposit and first month's rent! how good it feels to not have the burden of an empty house on one's shoulders!
thanks thanks thanks to all who have lifted up this situation in prayer on our behalves. we are so grateful. i life up my root beer float in salute to you all out there!

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Kendra said...

and I lift up the Five Guys burger I'm about to eat - yup, I'm gonna break my meat fast to help you celebrate! Cheers! Love you guys and so glad this worked out.