Friday, February 12, 2010

Small Business: Robert Watson Wedding Officiant

this is Robert Watson getting ready to perform YOUR WEDDING. that's his beautiful, supportive wife standing next to him.

this is Robert Watson performing a wedding I went to. Look how happy the groom is. he is happy he hired Robert Watson. who happens to now be his brother-in-law.

this is Robert Watson's website:

call him. send him a message. hire him. he is good at what he does. i have another post here somewhere... i already talked about him. but i am on this new kick right now where i am plugging small businesses/entrepeneurs that i know and love and want you to know and love and hire. they're all good, family oriented folks who are just trying to do the things that God has blessed them with the ability to do, and which they in turn love to do, and in turn give praise to God for allowing them to do what they do.

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