Thursday, April 15, 2010

If Animals Kissed Good Night

it's been awhile since i have written anything about books. so i thought i would get back on that. especially since i have run into some great books lately, and a few not great ones. you will hear about those too. and the only reason i am able to read so many books- is cause they are books we read going to bed.

my kids do not like reading in general. in the middle of the day, it's usually not going to happen if i try to make it. sometimes i will find them sitting on the living room floor looking at a book. pointing out stuff. so awesome. but if i comment on it, or sit with them, the moment is gone. they obviously would rather be running around naked, making a mess, playing hide and seek, or all the above. but before bed and nap time, because it's something that is keeping them awake for longer- they are pretty excited about story time.

i actually got this precious gem of a book from the library. i might end up buying it cause i love it so much. it's just the sweetest book about how parent animals say good night to their baby animals. a good, healthy mix of daddy animals AND mommy animals with their babies.

it might be a touch long for real squirmy one year olds, cause there are quite a few words on some of the pages. and there are also qiote a few pages. but the rhymes roll off of your tongue, and the pictures really keep the kids interested.

the pictures are probably the best thing about it. they are soft and sweet, the animals are chubby and cute and content, and it just makes you want to kiss and kiss and kiss your sweet little child and say good night.

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Brantonians said...

Brielle has this book and I love reading it to her! I like to pretend that she loves it, too!