Wednesday, March 2, 2011

emma time!

long over due!

finally- i am dedicating this post to my lovely new niece Emma Faith Watson!

this is a picture i stole from facebook. precious! (the pic, not me stealing.)

so, Emma was born on the 17th of february at 7 am and weighed 7lbs 7oz. good job little one! those are all numbers i can remember. that means lindsay went into labor some time in the middle of the night, had barb come over at 4:45am, was in the hospital by 5, had her epidural by 6, and 2 pushes later Emma was born.

Lindsay is a very girly girl, so if anyone deserves a daughter- it's her ;) but admittedly she has done an incredible job being a rough and tumble mom to Gabe and Corban. Lindsay was born to be a mom, and so far being a mom of three under the age of 37 months ;)

Emma is my 4th niece, but only the 2nd one who lives here in arizona. Lily is SO happy to have Emma around, and surprisingly- so is Topher. he has been all about holding her and going over to see her. i love our family and am so blessed to be surrounded by so many precious people who love one another.

all the ladies

the boys and their little girls

Lindsay and i in a picture with all five kids. not easy to orchestrate

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