Wednesday, April 27, 2011

week lentil bean

week six, my baby is the size of a lentil bean and is working on it's facial features, arm and leg buds. again- amazing.

the beginning of the week marked the arrival of the super-sensitive-pregnant nose. no more scented lotions, or anything for that matter. topher woke up tuesday morning with an over-full-of-pee diaper and i almost threw up on him when i caught a whiff of it. changing zane and hobey's diapers this week was a special challenge, as it will be for the next few months :)

then the dreaded/much anticipated morning sickness arrived. yeah and boo!!!!! so i finally feel pregnant, and it is exhausting and terrible and so reassuring! one night i needed to eat some soft tacos from taco bell. i've never seen chris so happy to run out and 'make' dinner for us. a major perk of being pregnant. then this morning i really really needed to eat some pancakes, so we went to Denny's. so great. sure our bank account may take a hit this month on my wanting to eat everything and not wanting to cook anything, but this is the last time we are planning on being pregnant, so i am just going to live it up.

but the strangest thing happened this morning as i was drinking my decaf cup of coffee. i was NOT enjoying it. i don't know whose baby is in my womb, but this baby does not like coffee! what the what!?!? so crazy. even though i am a pretty serious coffee drinker (anywhere from 1-3 cups a day) i have not had any withdrawals from my gradual change from regular to decaf, and now decaf to no-coffee. this journey just keeps getting more and more interesting as the days go by.

another perk/downfall of being pregnant is i took a serious two hour nap today. chris was home so i enjoyed the nap without any fear that my kids were somewhere drinking bleach. on days when i am watching lots of kids, and by myself, napping turns into an artform, where sometimes i close my eyes for a few minutes while everyone is having a snack, strapped into their chairs at the table!

in two more weeks we will have our first ultrasound! i definitely feel like things are going well, but i know a good handfull of people who have gone to their 8 week ultrasound and had bad bad bad news delivered on that day. so i am being cautious and prayerful and still not telling lots of people. we especially haven't told lily and topher cause 1. nine months is a long long time to wait for a 4 and a 3 year old. and 2. it's no fun telling people you aren't pregnant afterall, i really don't know how i would tell that to lily and topher.

***real time moment- this is present jihae, not past-jihae from 3 weeks ago. we have told lily and topher and they are not necessarily as excited as i thought they would be. but lily is convinced that there is a baby sister for her living in my belly :)

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