Tuesday, July 12, 2011

strong sunha

it's 1:10pm. sunha's surgery was scheduled for 7:30 this morning and the doctors said it would take about 3-4 hours. the malloys got to the hospital at 5:30am and were rip roaring to go.

the doctors took sunha at about 7:30, but had to draw blood and do some other stuff, so they didn't actually start until about 9:30. but they still managed to finish at about 11:30. amazing! the doctors came out to talk to jeehon and james and they said sunha did great and was already up and trying to get out of bed. silly girl!

so james and jeehon saw sunha and she just had a bandage on her head around her wound, and her face hasn't swollen up yet (that's supposed to happen later today-tomorrow), so that allowed jeehon to not freak out at all. yeah! she still has an IV in and a couple other tubes, but james has been holding his little girl and she has been sleeping peacefully on him since.

so the basic gist of the surgery is this: they shaved a bit of sunha's hair (so imagine her with a 'hairband of baldness') and cut the skin, pulled it back, pulled out the back of her skull, broke it into three pieces, put that back in, and sewed her up. craziness. she is supposed to be in the hospital anywhere from 3-5 days, but should be fully recovered in less than two weeks. again- craziness.

thanks so much for all the concerned texts and e-mails today! and for pretty hair things to help keep sunha extra beautiful while her hair grows back :) i will keep y'alls posted as recovery continues to happen. chris and i will be going to the hospital to see the little trooper later tonight. (thanks in advance for babysitting j and a!)

AND happy birthday to my sweet little nephew corban!


Lindsay said...

Yeah! Praise Jesus! So glad it went well!

Brantonians said...

I've been dying to hear how this went....I was would text you, but I left my purse (with my phone) at a strangers house in Seattle.

Thanks for providing a way for me to see how God answered prayers!!!!