Sunday, April 1, 2012

new family tradition!!!!!

if you know my husband, you know what a "hilarious" prankster he is. so, april fools day is definitely one of his favorite holidays. but, he's made so many of my friends cry, and almost call the police on him, that he's lost some of his mojo of late.

then today i suggested we start pranking the kids on this special day, and chris was totally in. cause why else do people have kids but to mess with them, right?

so, the april fools joke we came up with was to get their favorite treat- a sprinkle donut from dunkin donuts, and you can watch the rest:

my favorite part was watching topher's face. my least favorite part was when chris ate the rest of MY donut!

happy april fools day!

from, some seriously messed up/ fun-loving parents ;)

and yes, i am aware that we have opened up a can of worms, cause i am already invisioning YEARS from now, lily and topher and mia pranking us back with heart-atta-ck-inducing stuff like: "i'm pregnant!" or "i'm in the hospital cause i got in a terrible car wreck!" or "i won the mega million jackpot and i ran away with my boyfriend!" (yes, any one of the 3 kids saying that will definitely give us a heart attack...)


Stillman Family said...

Preston and I busted up at this! You guys are SO FUNNY and SO messed up!!!! bahahah!

erindezago said...

LOVE this! I love that I can see your shoulder shaking from laughing the whole time. LOL you guys crack me up! So glad Chris got to get a little pranking out if his system this year!

Shannon said...

BEST.TRADITION.EVER!!!!!!! I love every second of this. :)