Tuesday, June 5, 2012

going to the dark side

i used to be an animal lover before i had kids. actually, the term 'lover' is too strong. 'liker' may be more a propos. anyhoo, i have a friend, christie, and she is a lover of animals- namely cats, aka my nemesis (cats, not christie! i love her. and 'love' is a term that is barely strong enough in this case!)

anyhoo, she is probably the busiest woman i know, but for some crazy reason she decided to raise a ton of kittens over the last couple of months. she is so good.

here is a link to a blog that she made just for these kittens who are now getting too big to still be living with her. if you are interested in adopting one of these cats drop me a comment or something and i will point you in the right direction- even though that direction is to the dark side ;)


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