Saturday, July 7, 2012

line up ladies! or run away...

i don't know if topher is trying to butter me up cause he has committed some heinous crime that i don't know about yet, or cause he wants some new toys, or cause he has the sweetest heart in the universe. anyway, here are the incredible things that came out of his mouth yesterday:

-walking through a store at the mall-
"mom. look in this mirror to see how beautiful you are."

-chillin at home-
topher: "mom, you are beautiful."
me: "topher! you are so sweet! when you get married in 28 years, make sure you keep saying nice things like that, cause girls always love to hear that they are beautiful."
topher: "but mom, i want to marry you!"
me: "that's cute topher, but i am married to your dad. don't worry though, one day you will find a girl that you love."
topher: "but i already found a girl that i love!!!!!"

(a few months ago he told me that he was going to marry his friend cambry, so i am going to try to redirect him in her direction ;)

i know ladies, you are all lining your daughters up to marry my boy. but here's something he said that reminds me that he is still just a boy. a crazy, inappropriate, crazy, boy.

-driving over the train tracks on our way to the mall. it's lily and topher's favorite street in the world because of these train tracks that happen to be on a small little hill. they think it's a roller coster and even put their arms in the air-
lily: "that was fun mom! let's do it again!"
topher: "woah! that made my weiner dizzy!"

the end.

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Branton Family said...

Love it! So you all.