Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my boys

my men and i have been at odds lately.

first- topher. when he was 2, he wasn't terrible, but when he wanted to be terrible- he was successful. and then when he was 3, he was better than when he was 2, but when he wanted to exert his will over mine- he was successful. and now he's 4. and he is a delightful 4! BUT, when he wants to be crazy- he is succesful.
but i am going to try not to dwell on the negative. there are negatives to be dwelt on. but not here. not today. my topher loves his legos, and he will play with them alone, quietly for hours on end. QUIETLY. ALONE. so great. his brain is so special. half the time he is actually just looking at the instruction manual again, studying it, whilst chewing on his breakfast, or lunch (no lego books at dinner though!). i thoroughly enjoy watching him do whatever it is he is doing. when he talks, i am engaged, even if i don't know what he is talking about (already a star wars nerd). his teeth. he has adorable teeth. they make his words come out so adorably. today while he was pooping, we had this conversation-
"mom, can you hold my hands? do you know who remind me of everyday when i look at you? Belle. because you are beautiful... do you know why i am staring at you? because i love you."
melting near the pot.
i love him. there are moments in our days that are painful. he's freaking out. i'm yelling. he's grumpy. i'm grumpier. he's acting like he's 4. i'm acting like i'm 4. it's bad. but man, when my boy wants to be amazing- he's successful.

one more thing about my topher that i don't ever want to forget!:
the other day he got a new pencil and he excitedly grabbed it and said: "where's the sharpener? i want to make my pencil come alive!"

well, i ran out of time, so i will have to save my story about chris for another day...


Christin said...

Oh sweet topher! You are doing such a great job with him and forming him into the perfect future husband. One day Cambry will thank you!

Christie Priem said...

I want to make MY pencils COME ALIVE, too!!!!!!