Sunday, July 13, 2008

Learning To Be Girly

Chris is good at so many things- being a dad, a husband, a brother, a son, a cop, a friend, etc. Topher is very lucky to have Chris as a daddy because Chris can basically do it all. He is a man's man. Something that he needs a little work on is being girly though. Sure he appreciates musicals and romances like any good woman, but there are a few things that he has never done before having a daughter that he now needs to learn.

Such as styling hair. Lily's hair is finally long enough to put into little pigtails up at the top of her head. It's Chris' favorite of Lily's hairstyles. One day Chris mentioned that he wanted to learn how to do make the little piggies too. (What a good daddy!) Well, today was the day! It started off kinda rough but the man finally got the hang of it. We will let you know how it goes when he finally tries it on Lily...

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