Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old Rice

Sometimes motherhood is filled with such mundanity that I think I am becoming duller by the minute because of it. My day is filled with cooking, playing, cleaning, and diaper changes. Therefore my conversations are filled with the same. So I am resigned to talk about more interesting things besides what's in my kids' diapers. Right after this one last blog on it...

So my baby Topher is a new man. Pooped on Friday, then again on Saturday, and again yesterday. You'd think he learned to recite the alphabet the way I was carrying on when I saw that he had another poop. Three in one week- that's a mini-miracle for my mini-man!

His poop on Friday smelled kinda funny. Like rice that had been left too long in an unplugged rice cooker. Basically- old rice. As I happily changed his diaper I thought back to whether I ate any old rice. I had eaten rice earlier that day, so maybe that was the smell of twice-processed rice (once to become breast milk, the second to be in Topher's diaper). But I couldn't remember any of Lily's diapers smelling like this. Then on Saturday- same thing. Old rice smell. I pondered this some more but couldn't put my finger on it.

I started taking these new prenatal pills (no i am not pregnant again- breastfeeding women are supposed to keep taking these) last week. As I took one before going to bed, something tickled my nostril. There it was, the old rice smell. Mystery solved! As I smiled to myself, I threw the old pill down the hatch and my smile quickly faded. Quick side note- I wouldn't drink apple juice when I was a little kid cause it looked and smelled too much like urine. I had no idea what urine tasted like, but I could only imagine that it would be akin to apple juice. So now, the pill that I had been taking all week without thought now suddely had some seriously stinky ties. The once tasteless pill now had the flavour of... Topher's brand of old rice...

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