Friday, September 19, 2008

Birth Control!

I still have to do the dishes and go to bed before Topher wakes up to get fed. But I just wanted to send out another shout out to my parents.
How did you raise five kids???!?!
Our friends from California- Jeff, Sandy, and their kids Ellie, 3, and Ian, 1, were at our house from Wednesday till today. We had a GREAT time. Their kids are so sweet, and speak Korean better than me. (Well, the three year old does. It really sucks)
Anyway, on Wednesday we went to Tempe Marketplace to hang out, just the ten of us. It was man-on-man, one kid per adult. But then Chris had to work everyday since and so we were playing zone defense the rest of the week. But still, four adults should be ok with five kids. It was and it wasn't. Again- how did my parents do it???
We really had a great time, but man am I pooped! Not recommended to have five kids under the age of three in one house for any given time longer than two hours. Check out the pics. Absolutely amazing insanity. Everyday since Wednesday. Good night all.

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