Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Week In Pictures

Here is a look at our lives this past week. Enjoy!

Sunday- Topher finally gets to meet his hero Zach Branton! Looking good boys.

Monday and Tuesday- Hanging out with the Vogt girls for our first sleepover! We played outside, inside, watched tv, ate, and ate, and ate!

Wednesday- Lily's first haircut!!!!!!!!!!! She did so great. As did her Aunt Christin, who cut her hair.Thursday- Celebration! Lily turned 18 months on the 19th, Sungu turned 15 months on Monday, and Topher turned 6 months on Saturday. Plus Jeehon got this cake on sale, and cheap desserts are always worth celebrating!

Friday- Uncle Josh is the kicker for his high school football team, so we got dressed (some of us identically. Check out Chris getting Topher dressed. So cute!) and went to support the Highland Hawks. This was Topher's first football game! This is Topher and his beautiful Aunt Bre

Saturday- our intense little boy turns 6 months! he is now crawling-ish (using all his upper body strength and one leg) and eating solids and pooping everyday!

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