Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Best New Diaper Bag

For the next couple of posts I am going to try to intentionally be 'a helpful mom on the internet'. Whether I succeed or not is an entirely different issue. But that is why I originally started blogging- to help lots of ladies I knew who were pregnant and about to have their first baby, who didn't live in Arizona. I started blogging when Lily was about 4 months old, and I wanted to share my experiences as a 'seasoned veteran', and of my fun times of being pregnant while raising my little 4 month old. Lately I feel like I have been talking less about my kids and my life as a parent and more about randomness. So here I am trying to recenter myself. Or this blog at least.

The 'serious mom topic' I am choosing to attack today is the ever important Diaper Bag. And I found the perfect one for me! It's amazing because it has so many compartments- and that's what sets a great diaper bag apart from the good ones. The front flap velcroes (sp?...) close. When you open it there is a little zipper exposing a cute little area for knick knacks such as keys, extra hair elastics (for Lily mostly), gum/candy, a pen, etc. Very handy. Then in the 'main section' there are two seperate compartments- one for diapers and wipes, and the other for sippy cups and water bottles and flasks... just joking. Then there is an additional pocket in the back, where I will be storing my wallet and car keys. (Or at least I say I will put my car keys there, but I will probably lose them in the diaper section, and spend ten minutes looking for them.)

This bag is great, and it was really cheap. 10 bucks. Brand new. I would take a picture of it, but I am pretty sure I broke my camera. But if you look on IKEA's website you could probably see it there. When did IKEA start making diaper bags you ask. It's not a diaper bag- it's a computer bag! And it's awesome! And it's all mine. Thanks IKEA. You've done it again. So for those looking for a great diaper bag, you may want to try places other than just Babies R Us and Target. I also hear 'man stachels' (aka man purses) have lots of handy pockets and are pretty roomy. I used to need a gigantic diaper bag when Lily and Topher were infants- cause of the formula, the bottles, the extra clothes, etc. But now that we can just go out with a handful of diapers and sippy cups, a smaller bag will do the trick. Happy bag shopping ladies.

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Ria C. said...

Does this mean expensive diaper bags like Prada are out? How about nice mid-range ones like Zosephine? But I want!!!