Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Checkin In

It's already June! This is my first post of the month and it's already the 8th!
We have been busy in the Watson/Malloy household. I am not sure with what, but time is flying by! The Malloys' time with us is quickly drawing to an end- which means James is coming home from Iraq very soon! July will be their last month with us, but there will be so much traveling going on , that there will hardly be a time when all six of us are in the house all together.

Oh yeah- I went to the best wedding in the world on Saturday! That's why I haven't written! But there are LOTS of dishes waiting to get done, and other things that I really need to get done today, so I will have to leave y'alls in suspense for at least another day or two. Just know that this incredible wedding involved about elven hours of driving to and from San Diego in one day, quite a few of San Diego Police Department's finest, and lots of speeches where pretty much everyone was hitting on the groom. Amazing.

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