Wednesday, May 26, 2010

workin it: cindy branton

a bunch of months ago i did 3 (or 4?) spotlights on small businesses/entrepeneurs i know and love. i've been meaning to write this one up for awhile but i keep losing my mind and forgetting, so before i forget again, here is my beautiful friend Cindy Branton, and her incredible flower accessory store on Etsy. (if you don't know what Etsy is, it's a website for disgustingly talented and carfty folk, like cindy, to sell their art. it's pure danger. you will sit in front of your computer for hours, drooling, and wanting. hide your credit cards. except to buy cindy's stuff :)

so this is cindy:

actually, it's cindy and her beautiful tiny baby brielle. (cindy, next time i'm wearing cargo pants, i will probably put her in one of the pockets and just steal her!) look at this picture. once you get over the beauty of my friend (good arm-muscle tone!), and then her daughter, your eye rests on the hair piece that cindy is wearing. amazing, i know. and she made that one, and a buttload of others like it, all by hand. i know she has made over a hundred of them and sells them at different events around the valley. i think she is waiting for lily and topher to be agile enough to work for her, because they are asian, and should already have jobs, and were made for sweatshop-life. Haha. just kidding. kind of...

anyway, check out cindy's shop at:
(omg people!!!! i got a link to finally work!!!!!)

here are two of the pieces you will find there:

they are $7, and come in a variety of colors, materials, and centers. amazing, right? and they look incredible in your hair, but you can also pin them on to a hat, scarf, headband thingy (brielle is almost always sproting one :), pretty much anything. happy shopping!

ps. if you are an entrepeneur of sorts and would like to be featured on my blog, please drop me an email or make a comment in the comment section!

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Brantonians said...

Could I love you more? No. I'm at my topped off level of love in the Jihae department. Thank you, my beloved friend. You're the best. I owe you a flower for this one!