Saturday, January 1, 2011

sae hae bok mani bahduhsaeyo

That's Korean for "many blessings in the new year!"

One of my "official" new years resolutions for 2011 is to really expose my kids to the slightly-less apparent part of who they are- Korean Canadians! And the most obvious way I am planning on doing this (a resolution with a plan! surely i will succceed at this resolution, right?!?) is to celebrate Korean as well as Canadian holidays in addition to the American ones that we naturally celebrate living here in the United States of America.

Today happens to be New Years day in the US, as well as in Canada and Korea. So that was pretty easy to celebrate. But in Korea, kids get dressed up in their 'han boks' (traditional korean clothes) and then they do 'sae bae', which means they bow down in front of their elders and receive cash-o-la! They are supposed to receive nice crisp new bills, but we didn't have any, so the kids got a few coins, which is just as well cause they love loose change.

Here are the kids dressed up in their han boks, that they happened to get for Christmas from their Aunt Jeehon, and it came in the mail 2 days ago. Perfect timing!

And here are the kids doing a not-great-job of bowing in front of Chris and I. Lily's form is a bit better than Topher's, but not much. Fortunately the Lunar New Year is another chance for them to don their pretty clothes and do this all over again:

One last part of the new year celebration is to eat 'dduk gook' which is just rice cake soup, but that is something that i don't know how to make, which is the main reason we didn't eat it today. But my lovely friend Grace makes a mean 'dduk gook' so I will learn how to make that in the near-ish future.

I sincerely hope that 2011 is full of many blessings for you and yours- sae hae bok mani bahduhsaeyo.

(Another resolution for 2011- properly capitalize while blogging. We'll see how long this lasts... but for now I hope you enjoy it Grandma and Grandpa Watson ;)


Shannon said...

That was some awesome bowing! Can I also celebrate some Korean holidays with you guys? Especially ones where food is involved. I'm just saying.

Not going to lie about your second resolution...I'm a little sad that you will start capitalizing. I rather enjoy your lack of proper writing techniques. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVED the bowing!! Your kids are hilarious and so stinkin' cute!!! :) PS...I see your sticks in the background!! Looks like Chris didn't "lose" them in the moves after all!! ;)

Brantonians said...

Lily, way to thrown yourself to the ground. I love the passion with which you do everything. Toph - you put the Topher-style into all that you do. Way to do things your own way, little man.

Chris and Jihae - you get the multi-cultural award of the day. Way to go!

Jono and Janice said...

Great job teaching your kids Jihae. It also sounds like your Korean is improving; you sounded like a natural! Maybe you won't need Jono the next time you go to Korea!

The Sommermeyers said...

dude, loved the video. that's definately a keeper for their future spouses to see. Thanks for sharing!