Sunday, June 26, 2011


we are here! thanks so much to everyone who prayed for chris and topher to get here in one piece and in one day. it worked! God worked it. it was a long day of traveling, but it was awesome. chris got to toronto around 10pm, and i got here at about midnight. we were all asleep by about 2am and awake this morning at 10:30am. so glorious to be on vacation!
chris and i even managed to golf today with my parents, which was a great treat especially cause there were moments when i was kind of cold. so great.
we also ate incredible chinese food with a bunch of my olf church buddies and my brothers.
great times.
no pics right now cause i am exhausted and trying to figure out how i am going to sleep on this queen size bed with chris, lily, and topher... i love being on vacation!

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Brantonians said...

Have the best trip ever! I'm stoked that you got to golf!