Tuesday, June 14, 2011

princesses and boy princesses...

on saturday morning, we went to Changing Hands, a wonderful little bookstore in Tempe (or is it Chandler?...) they were having a fun morning for princes and princesses with stories, cookies, and crafts. it was pretty awesome. the kids are finally at the age where they sit through storytime. or at least 80% of it. and they are also old enough to understand threats to get them through the last 20% of it- no sitting for stories=no cookies. so we sat through one whole story and then got to the good stuff- crafts and cookies!
another great part of the morning was that the kids were swinging their magic wands in my face and saying they were turning me into a 'witch'. well kids, your magic spell worked! now to figure out how to get me to not be a witch anymore... muahahaha!

the princess

decorating cookies!

eating cookies!!!

topher and lily showing off their crafts. topher made a tiara. he makes it look good.

showing off more crafts- crowns, wands, more tiaras! the crown actually makes topher's head look small for once! what a great great morning!!!!

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