Thursday, December 8, 2011

4 weeks of magical goodness

i cannot believe mia is already 4 weeks old today! time is flying. i also cannot believe that i managed to blog last week. i feel like it's been forever. i am pretty behind on my posts. my girlfriend Jenny Bishop took some PHENOMENAL newborn pics of mia, and of lily and topher too, and i still haven't posted those. mostly cause i am using a bunch of those pictures for our Christmas card this year, but also because i have not really been on the computer much except to finish up my christmas shopping ( is the most amazing thing since sliced bread. i don't really like to shop online but they made buying my last 3 presents ridiculously easy and painfree!) and the fact that i didn't have to load and unload three kids to get those last presents has almost fully converted me into doing all of my shopping online!)
anyhoo, i am also not going to post them today because i don't have the disc with me right now, and mia is going to need to eat soon so i have to wrap this post up sooner than later. but those pics are coming so just hang in there!

but for now i will post some awesome pics that my mother-in-law Barb took last week while my parents were out here. i told everyone to look nice for the picture and as usual, my overachieving husband showed up looking better and fanicer than all the rest of us ;)

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