Wednesday, February 8, 2012

birthday funtimes

birthday season is, and has been upon us for awhile now.
my birthday was about two weeks ago, and it was awesome.

here i am flanked by a buttload of watson kids. it looks like they all really love me, but the true love of their hearts is SUGAR. and that's what they are all trying to get to.

and speaking of sugar, i used about two tons of it to make gabe's superhero cake for his superhero birthday party on saturday:

it was tons of fun, especially since gabe seemed to enjoy it so much.

now i am getting ready to make a cake for emma's first birthday party this saturday, and i am mentally preparing myself to make cakes for lily and topher's birthdays, which aren't until next month, but they talk about them everyday so you would think (and hope) that they were happening tomorrow. oh well. gotta love kids' enthusiasm for their birthdays.

happy birthday gabers! you are one superspecial boy and i love you tons!

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