Thursday, February 16, 2012

teaching and learning

my kids are very selfish. they always want to be served first, choose first, go first. i have been trying to teach them that it is nice to let other people have a chance to go first and sometimes we should ask someone else: "hey, would you like to go first?" so, one day we were running errands and we were all in the car together, and i had treats to keep the kids quiet and happy. when i started opening them up, the kids automatically started chiming- "give me mine first! me first!" and then i reminded them about not always being first, so then i heard lily whisper to topher: "hey, ask me if i want to go first." and topher, being the obedient and awesome little brother that he is says in a nice loud voice: "hey noona, do you want to go first?" classic big sister/oldest sibling move! it was amazing.

i love these kids even though they are not picking up what i am putting down for them ;)

(just tried to put up pictures of my crazy kids but blogger is being uncooperative so you will have to wait til next time to see them. i know- a post without pictures- what a waste ;)

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