Thursday, March 22, 2012

like father like son

long time ago, when chris was a wee little boy, he used to sleep walk. one night he walked to the bathroom to pee, whilst still asleep. impressive, right? almost. in his state of unconsciousness, he pulled down his pajama pants and started peeing into the bathtub. not bad, right? cause if you are going to pee anywhere besides the toilet, i would choose the bathtub, wouldn't you? well, i'm sure everyone would pick the bathtub except for chris' dad- who happened to be sitting in the tub, taking a bath, when his son decided to pee into the tub.

now, fastforward about 26 years. last night, chris and i were sitting in the living room watching a movie while the kids were asleep. then all of a sudden, topher emerged from his room in a daze. he was in the hallway right behind us, which is thankfully all tile. he pulled down his pajama pants and started urinating. a lot. like a rainbow stream of pee was coming out of his wee wee. i know, cause i was watching him in utter disbelief and sheer amazement. i ran to get the camera but i was too late. all i was able to get was this blurry pic of topher pulling his pants back up:

i picked him up, brought him back to his room, laid him in his bed, and thanked him for not wetting the sheets. cause quite frankly, if you're not going to pee in the toilet, or the tub, the tiled hallway is definitely my third choice.


Jenny Bishop said...

Oh my gosh! I am dying laughing right now! This is amazing! And how you described it..."rainbow stream of pee..." AWESOME! Now you have me worried Bree is going to sleep walk...I was a terrible sleep walker and even still do it now every once in a while!

Stillman Family said...

hilarious! those would TOTALLY be my 3 choices also :) good boy Topher!