Thursday, March 29, 2012

supertopher is super4

my sweet little precious topher is 4. i think i would be having a more serious cow about it if topher was my youngest, or if lily hadn't just turned 5 a week ago. he is my happy medium!

topher is still big into superheroes and transformers and power rangers and sweatpants. for some reason, every day, he wants to wear sweatpants. i must have made a comment about him in sweatpants one day, and told him he looked cute, cause if i lay out jeans for him, he says he wants sweatpants and asks if he looks cute after he puts them on. he is my words of affirmation boy.

he had a pretty serious meltdown when it was lily's birthday last week. he still has some jealousy issues. it's ok, cause we are working on it. i made some bad mom moves that day and told topher he was ruining lily's birthday a few times. i know. it would be bad if i told him that once. but alas- i said it more than once. anyway, he just cried and threw tantrums all the live long day. then when it was his birthday, mia started crying, like all 4 month olds do at some point during the day, and topher said to me: "mom, mia is ruining my birthday." he is my i-will-not-forget-anything-and-you-will-be-paying-for-my-therapy-in-a-few-years boy!

anyway, we have our ups and downs but i love love love my topher. he is so special, so smart, so creative, so sweet (most of the time!) but whether he is being good, or bad, or something in between, he is my supertopher all of the time, and i love him with all of my heart! happy 4th birthday topher!!!

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