Monday, March 22, 2010

The Darndest Things

lily is a pretty bossy little lady. today as we were all just playing hide-and-surprise (you hide under the covers then yell surprise. even if there is no one around to surprise). topher was not wearing a diaper or undies, so i kept reminding him that it's not ok to pee on my bed. then lily took over, as she very often does:
"topher, tell mom if you have to pee. topher, no pee on the bed. topher you have to tell mom if you have to pee pee on the potty. just pee pees on the potty. topher no pee pee in my eye. ok? no pee pee in my eye."
wow. that's a good rule that i never thought to far, so good. topher has not peed in anyone's eyes.
then as we were finishing up our snack of yogurt and muffins, the kids got out of their seats with mischief in their eyes. topher slowly sauntered over to lily's spot, took her untouched muffin, walked around the corner to a spot where i could just see him smirking, and jammed the muffin in his greedy little mouth.
this was the perfect oportunity for lily to grab the rests of topher's yogurt and polish it off before he cam back. both kids were fully satisfied by their 'stolen snacks' and all-around deviousness, so much so that neither recognized that not only had they stolen something from the other, but they in fact had gotten robbed as well.

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Mark, Emily, Lillie and Titus said...

Hi I just found your blog and I was cracking up! I too have a Lillie and she is 2 and our son Titus is 1. They are obviously close, 13.5 months close and somedays I just think...really? What am I doing!? And yet I feel just like you, a big old baby having babies. Nice to know there are more of us out there. Good luck to you momma. God made us mommies because He thought we could handle it...crazy.