Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ham Time!

I love my family. But I only get to see my parents about twice a year if I'm lucky. Back in the day, it didn't matter as much if Chris and I weren't able to make the trek to Canada to see my folks. But now that there are grandkids involved- everything is much more complicated! This was actually only the second time that my dad has seen Topher. That is a sad fact and makes me feel like I need to start selling drugs (as a pharmaceutical rep people! like i really want to get arrested by my own husband!) so that we can buy plane tickets every other month.

We had a great week and a half in Vegas with the 'whole family' (minus my three bros), and then it was supernice to have my parents in Arizona for an extra four days. Especially since they drove back to Arizona with me and the kids from Vegas. I really don't know what I would have done without them!

Here's our two weeks together in pictures:

Lily and her halmuhni

Feast. Prepared by my mom. In literally 20 minutes. Everyone gains about 15 pounds when she is around. Considering how much time I spent with her recently, let's just say not all my jeans fit the same anymore.

Chilling with harabuhji. Washing feet and stuff.

Toph and his harabuhji.

The ladies chillin at Texas Road House. A personal fave of my mom's.

Early birthday celebration for the kids. They got hooked up!

Going for a little bike ride and stroll around the apartment complex.

Final pic before more good byes.

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