Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Bye Glorious Hair!

i have made two attempts in topher's life to cut his hair. the first attempt was not that bad. the second... was horrifyingly bad. i was banished from the use of scissors (which makes cutting coupons an extra special task.) just joking. i am allowed to use scissors. just not near topher's head.
then chris and i decided it was time for a change. mostly cause topher's bedhead was starting to look like a bird had built a nest on his head and was awaiting the arrival of little baby birds.
so tuesday night was the fateful night and here are pics from our awesome adventure:

topher with his gorgeous, those sparse, locks:

patiently awaiting his turn while papa jerry got his hair trimmed up first. he was pretty excited about this whole hair-falling-off-of-your-head business!

loving his first hair cut from someone other than mama!

who needs hair to be good looking??? not these three studs!

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