Wednesday, June 16, 2010

great hub

my husband is awesome. i say thi soften, and i mean it every time. yesterday he came home early from work (cause he had training all day. i love training days!) then we went to target to do some random+grocery shopping together, we had dinner, put the kids down, and then had our first bible study together. i got 'reading the psalms with Luther' for my birthday MANY years ago from grandma. i read/used the book as a devotional guide for awhile, and then i had a bunch of kids and never really picked it back up. but it has been awesome to go through with chris! so i had a pretty unbelievable night. but the one part i left out was that when chris came home early from work, he stopped by AJs (purveyors of fine foods.... it's a 'fancy' grocery store, but they happen to have an AMAZING selection of flowers in there too.) and got me some flowers! for no reason! and he even said that he almost contemplated NOT getting them for me because he was afraid it would make my mind explode, trying to come up with the millions of different reasons he was getting me flowers (cheating? got fired? has herpes? has a gambling addiction? etc.) but his only reason was cause he loves me and thinks i'm wonderful. oh my wonderful husband!!!! 

the bouquet was too big for one vase so i split it up. the sunflowers (my fave) are in my fave blue vase from lindsay (thanks sister!) and gerber daisies (my superclose second fave) plus other pretties in my other little vase that i don't remember the origin of...

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