Monday, June 14, 2010

the rhyme bible

time for another book review! cause it's been awhile. this is a serious favorite in our household. i think i bought this for my girlfriend who was about to have a baby a million years ago when we were both teaching in korea together. does that sound accurate to you janice? i got this for stephen, right? if not... i meant to!...

anyway, when i had lily, janice, my beautiful, thoughtful friend, sent this to me from canada. thanks janice, we read this all the time!

this is the Bible in rhyme and pictures. it's by L.J Sattgast and illustrated by Toni Goffe. it's not the whole bible (otherwise this thing would be a million piages instead of 441). but it's got the important stories like creation, jonah, the birth and death of Christ, the kid who shared his lunch so that Jesus could feed the 5000, and other gems. i have another Bible for kids and they do not talk about the death of Christ at all! what would i read for easter if that were my only kids' Bible? i have to admit that i am disappointed that Sattgast didn't make up any rhymes for any verses or stories from Leviticus or Numbers. it's not hard to find a rhyme for Shupham and the Shuphamite clan. the next line has it for you: "Hupham and the Huphamite clan." oh well, you can't have it all i guess. or maybe i will write a rhyme and picture book of Leviticus and Numbers... hmm... new summer (read: lifelong)  project?...

the pictures in this Bible are just as good as the rhymes. i thought they were by Quentin Blake (the guy who illustrated all those roald dahl books. if you don't know who that is, then i just can't help you.), but apparently Toni Goffe is the genius behind the pencil on this one.

anyway, i'm certain you and your family will love this book as much as me and mine. happy reading!

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Jono_or_Janice said...

It was only 6 years ago! I am NOT that old! Glad your kids love it as much as mine.