Saturday, June 19, 2010

summer photo funtimes!

last week, or maybe two weeks ago, my friend jenny kidnapped my kids and took ridiculously cute pictures of them doing their favorite thing in the whole wide world- playing in water! seriously, the first words out of lily and topher's mouths, every morning is: "bathing suit". we sing songs about their bathing suits (happy birthday bathing suit, the itsy botsy spider climbed up the bathing suit, etc)  this morning, i heard the pitter patter of their feet, at 6am, going to the potty, and then over to the laundry 'room' and opening the dryer to see if their suits were there. which they usually are, but weren't this morning. so i had to get out of bed to help them out. if their suits had been in the dryer, i could have bought myself about 15 more minutes of sleep. i think. i will try it tomorrow and let you know.

i digress, so we met jenny at the splash pad right behind liberty market (one of my favoritest restaurants) at 6:30pm. apparently this is good light for pictures. i just trust jenny when she tells me these things. this ended up being the perfect time cause not too many people were out and it was still SO HOT. 110 degrees (40+ celsius) at 6:30. that's not right. anyhoo, the kids had tons of fun and jenny did a great job capturing my kids in all their crazy glory.

check out her website: for more details about this awesome summer promo she is running. and you may be so lucky as to get pictures of your kids like this:

and here is the artist at work:
(look jenny! i caught sunflare!)


Shannon said...

So fun! The pictures are so adorable. I love the pic of Lily for the add she made. Your kids are cute.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on your blog, Jihae!! Thanks for the shout out!! Your kids are so stinkin cute that it makes my job super easy!!! :) Thanks for letting me use your kids as my models! Can't wait to hang out on Tuesday!