Saturday, July 31, 2010

lily plays favorites

the above is a picture of a bunch of crap that i had shoved into lily's toy pack and play. cause i am a 'shover' and a 'piler' and not a good housecleanerupper. whatever.

yesterday i was hollerd into lily's room, by the queen herself, and i was really surprised to see what i saw. i had put the kids down about 30 minutes before, but i was not surprised to hear that lily was still up. but when i walked in, all i saw was the pile of crap that had been in the pack and play, on topher's bed. so i automatically assumed that topher was in bed with lily. wrong. lily was sitting all clean and pretty in her bed. so where was topher???? under the crap. i looked a little harder at topher's bed, and lo and behold, there he was, burried under a blanket, an assortment of lily's stuffed animals, dolls, tea set pieces, play food, lily's tiara, play clothes, etc, etc.

i started digging my poor son out from under the rubble. i don't know how he didn't wake up when lily dumped the junk on him, or when i was taking it off of him, cause i was just laughing so hard that i was kind of shaking. i put some of the stuff back into the pack and play, much to lily's chagrin. "NO MOM!" she said. i took the stuff out that i had haphazardly redumped in there, and this is what i saw:

ah, jun-lee. what poor topher had to suffer for lily's baby's comfort.

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