Monday, July 19, 2010

text much?

ours is a generation where we have so many, too many, methods of communication- phone calls, e-mails, blogs, texts, facebook updates, tweets, letter writing, using dixie cups to write messages in chain-linked fences over freeways ('prom?' was a message i once saw. who was asking who though? i could only imagine how many girls hysterically thought the guy of their dream was asking them to prom.) etc. etc.

today we got a text from one of our renters. they had moved out of our house,left the key in the kitchen drawer, and left the backdoor unlocked. the text ended with a "sorry." OUCH. sorry??? really? what has happened to our society that as shocking as it was to receive this text, it kind of wasn't. people break up with other people via text. people find out that their siblings are pregnant at the same time as millions of others via facebook updates. is this not craziness to anyone but me? what happened to picking up the phone and having a conversation? or asking someone to meet face to face to talk about serious things- like breaking your rental agreement 1 year and 1 month early?!?!?!?...

i am an avid texter, i admit that. but i do it mostly so that you can't hear my kids screaming while i am texting. you can (and will) if i call you. that's my excuse though, what's everyone elses?

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