Saturday, July 31, 2010

new hobby!

i have found a new way to spend my time and waste, i mean, spend our money wisely- making cookies!!!!!!

our new renters just moved in on saturday, and i wanted to welcome them with some cookies and flowers. and coincidentally, most of my cookies ended up being flower-shaped. i wish i had a house-shaped cookie cutter, but alas, i didn't.

so, here's the awesome thing about cookies decorating! it's fun and "easy". but time consuming. maybe it would go by way faster if i didn't have two hungry-for-sugar-24-7toddlers constantly lurking over my shoulder as i am decorating. and it would be nicer if my kitchen was bigger than most people's guest bathrooms. but whatev. you do what you can with what you got.

so i got an awesome sugar cookie recipe from, from alton brown. if i were fancy, i would add a link RIGHT HERE. but i don't know how to do fancy things like that. just google 'alton brown sugar cookies' and the recipe will pop up. so that was easy enough, and i iced with royal icing (to make the borders and write and draw stuff) and regular ol' powdered sugar and water icing for the 'flooding' (all cookie decorating terms i learned on line. oh internet, how i love thee!!!) the best thing about using royal icing is that you can put it in icing bags, or ziploc bags, and write and decorate, without using icing tips. i mean, you can, especially if you are going to be fancy and do things like make leaves and flowers, but if you're just drawing, a little hole at the end of the bag is all you need.

fun times!

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mrs. s. said...

You are soooo stinkin' creative! I will never forget the cupcakes you made and decorated for my beautiful are amazing!