Thursday, September 29, 2011

being a mom rocks my socks

being a stay-at-home mom is great. and sometimes not so great. some days are better than others. i just read my sister-in-law's blog, and it sounds like she had one of them 'others' kind of days. sorry lindsay! corban will stop being a two year old one of these days ;)

as for me, we had plans to have lunch with a friend, but she cancelled, so we had the day to ourselves. we went shopping, we had lunch at home (fiscally responsible!), we had ice cream cones and sat by the pool (the fill-up yourself kind), and then we watched 'Despicable Me' and ate Cheetos. i sat and watched the whole thing with them. dishes and laundry be darned! then we did our sticker books and puzzles, and then we had dinner at home- and chris even managed to join us for that! yeah family time!

it was just a really great day. the calm before the storm. not a bad storm- but having a newborn in the house again is definitely going to feel like a storm.

here's the video of my kids doing the Lord's Prayer. i made the mistake of trying to take this video while the kids are eating ice cream. topher is not focused! and my camera may be kind of broken cause the volume is no bueno. but turn your computer volume way up and try to enjoy!

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