Monday, September 5, 2011

meeting our favorite pig

saturday morning we headed over to our favorite bookstore- Changing Hands Bookstore, and we met our favorite pig, Olivia! it was awesome. except that i guess the person inside of Olivia can only see through a patch in the costume's neck so Olivia's head was always tilted pretty far back. i couldn't get a great pic of her:


anyway, we heard two Olivia stories and got to hug Olivia herself. the kids were in awe, and i really wonder what they thought of her. surely they know it's a person in a costume- right? right? i couldn't ask though. i don't even know how i would bring it up.

anyway, this saturday the 10th there is another event with another pig theme. apparently the guy who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are" is releasing his first new book since "Where the Wild Things Are" was released in 1981! The new book is called "Bumble Ardy" and is about a pig who decides to throw himself a birthday party. The story will be read, and there will be pig crafts and piggy cupcakes too! yeah! the fun starts at 10am. for more info you can go to

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