Friday, January 6, 2012

bigger isn't always better...

but in this case- it is!
for the first time ever we have a FULL family picture of chris' side of the family. this does not include any aunts or uncles or cousins. this is straight up all brothers and sisters:

the top row consists of chris' sister breanne and her husband scott, and chris' brother josh and his new bride aly. the next row is chris' sister andi, her beau jason, and her kids david and christina. then there's barb and jerry, and kim and wes. on the bottom row is chris' brother justin and his wife jen and their daughter zoe. then there's chris and me and our litter, and then chris' brother robert, and wife lindsay and gabe, corban and emma.

thanks so much to amy roberts for having the patience to capture this wonderful moment in time for us!

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