Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fun in the snow

this weekend we went up to chris' dad's cabin in heber and had a seriously relaxing and wonderful time! we went up on saturday with our friends charles and grace. we hung out, watched movies, and ate a ton. then they left on sunday and us watsons stayed until monday afternoon. i LOVE hanging out with our little family. as an extra added bonus, there was some snow on the ground but it wasn't that cold so it was nice enough to be outside. well, it was nice enough for everyone except for mia. apparently our little girl is not a huge fan of cool weather. she is so lucky that we do not live in canada! but what she does love is car rides and she was asleep for the entire length of the 2 and a half hour ride. we are so lucky!

doing whipped cream shots with dad!

snowball fight! the picture of chris throwing a snowball at our daughter's head is amazing- mostly cause the snowball did not actually connect with lily's noggin. and topher's favorite thing to do was to throw snowballs at chris' back (well, really his butt.)

chris is about to work 12 hours a day from tomorrow til sunday, so this weekend was perfect for getting lots of extra quality dad time!

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