Monday, January 23, 2012

half and half

inspect the above picture. what are you noticing? serious cuteness? how much she looks like lily as a baby? how much she resembles her mother's ancestors on the right side of her face and how much she resembles her father's people on the left? that's right- mia has one caucasian eye and one asian eye. mia's left eye has been blessed with an eye lid fold (something that many non-asian people take for granted!) and her right eye... not so much. it's football shaped. some kids have their mom's mouth and their dad's nose, our sweet mia decided she would take one of each of our eyes. so sweet ;)


Christin said...

Such a cute pic! Your daughter's eyes are perfect. Have you heard the song "Father's eyes"? Mia could totally change the words to "Father's eye".

Madi Riye said...

My dad is Japanese and my mom is Caucasian, and my eyes are just like this! Your daughter is beautiful :)