Tuesday, August 7, 2012



i am so proud of the above picture. ok. look at it but don't inspect too closely...
what does that look like to you?
a stack of pancakes?
why would i take a picture of a stack of pancakes? cause that stack of pancakes is just rolled up fondant arond a chocolate cake that i baked for a five year old who loves pancakes!

i got an e-mail from a super-faithful blog-reader who asked me to make this cake for her son. she did all the leg work of finding a blog that had a tutorial on how to make it and everything! great job kelly and buttercream bakehouse! you can check out the original here 

so this is how my cake turned out and is sitting nicely in it's little box. the original cake has the 'syrup' as piping gel mixed with syrup. the order came in speciafically requesting that the gel not taste like syrup. so i just used piping gel, a little brown gel coloring, and a little hershey's chocolate syrup.

it is AMAZING what you can do with fondant (i used homemade marshmallow fondant), wilton's gel colors, and a paint brush. that's pretty much all i used. so great.

i was gonna post about the superman cake i made from my niece, but i just got supertired. so that'll have to wait til tomorrow...

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The Sommermeyers said...

You are AMAZING! That looks great! And, I caught up on a bunch of your blogs because I've been totally slacking this summer. You and your beautiful family are awesome.