Thursday, August 9, 2012

superniece loves superman

my niece christina is obsessed with superman. seriously, totally, and completely obsessed. (topher's a couple steps behind her. or maybe 13 years behind...;)

she just turned 17, and barb threw her a birthday party, cause barb is a wonderful nana! so i made some superman sweets for the shindig, that my kids were very sad about not being invited to.i told them it wasn't a party for kids. they said: "oh, we like hanging out with old people." and then i tried to explain to them what a 'teenager' is. they didn't get it.

anyhoo, i tried to do something new and awesome. only it didn't necessarily turn out awesome: 
i wanted the cake to be blue and red, with yellow frosting between the layers. as you can see this looks like it should be a cake for a baby shower...

 here's how it turned out- on the outside and inside:
maybe next year i will add a blazer on the outside, and a lot more red food coloring on the inside...

then i made some cake balls- and i know i told you i HATE cake balls, cause i cannot make them look pretty for the life of me. so this time- i covered the cake balls in marshmallow fondant! and they behaved much better! did they taste good?... i have no idea. i'll have to ask barb or christina later.
under the superman symbol are pieces of cake that i cut out with a cookie cutter. then i just put a swirl of buttercream on top. if i had preplanned this portion of my contribution to the birthday party better, i would have made actual mini cupcakes. but i did the best with what i had (which was an extra layer of a cake) when i felt like i should bring more to the party.
the like the little capes :)

so, that's it. i have a little break from cake making and then it's more cakes!

and look! i found a picture of an acorn cakepop that i made for corban's birthday party. like i said, i don't like making cakepops, cause i am not very good at it. these things can't stay upright cause they are too heavy and pierce through the top. will practice make perfect? we'll see...

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Christin said...

Love seeing your creative creations!!! Well done!