Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Dates Part I

Chris and I went out for Mother's Day last weekend, thanks to my mom who sent money from Canada for us to go out for dinner and a movie, and to my sister who watched our babies so that we could really go out ALONE! So great!

I decided we should try a new restuarant cause we usually just eat at teh same old places- Olive Garden, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc. I truly love all those places, but this was a special dinner, so I chose 'Chelsea's Kitchen' up by the Biltmore. I looked at a bunch of places online, and this looked like it would suit us the best. It was upscale casual. My fave. I thought their primary offerings were burgers and tacos, but Chris ended up with a steak and I had short ribs on mashed potatoes. Not bad at all! And the restaurant was truly so cute and cozy. The patio was beautiful but we sat inside at a booth. I LOVE eating in booths. Also, Game 7 of the Celtics vs Magic happened to be on at the bar which was right behind our seat, and we were both very happy to watch the Magic pull out a victory in the first 15 minutes of our awesome date.

Next we went to watch a movie, but I really wanted a coffee! No Starbucks, or any other fine coffee shop in sight. So we had ice cream at Coldstone. Just as expensive as what I would have ordered at Starbucks, and just as enjoyable! So we went to watch Star Trek, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the cast. Sure Chris picked the movie, but it's cause he really wanted to watch it, and there was nothing that I was dying to see (obviously this was a night where I could have gotten away with anything! Like when we watched Sex and the City last year with my sister and friend.)

There are so many things I love about my hubby, but I truly feel extra special about being the mother of his two children because he really has gone all out every Mother's Day that I have been a mom to show me how much he appreciates me, and to let me know that he thinks that I am doing a great job. It's definitely one of my favoritest days of the year!

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