Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pat Tillman Run

Admittedly, our family did the Pat Tillman run a bunch of weeks ago, but I just needed to add a post cause we did the Pat Tillman Run as a family! And I have pictures to prove it!
The main reason we went is cause my husband has a betting problem, and the main problem is that he bets his buddy that he works with that the Suns are always going to win their games, and this last season- they didn't win a lot of their games. Which means Chris didn't win a lot of his bets. Which meant Chris either had to buy this guy about five dinners, or do the Pat Tillman Run with him. The latter choice seemed like the easier choice. Until we got there...

Our day started at about 5:30am, cause we were supposed to be in downtown Tempe by 6:30am to be registered by the 7am start time. Chris ran with his buddy in the 9 minute/mile group, Jeehon, Sungu, Lily, Topher, Chris' buddy's wife and their baby, and I started in the last group reserved for very very very slow people.

Here we are getting ready to almost start...

Chris ran with his friend, ate a creamsicle, then walked the back half of the course to find us at the 3 mile mark (the whole thing was 4.2 miles). I have never been so happy to see Chris in my whole life! Our double stroller is really heavy! Or I am really out of shape... or both...

Here we are at the finish line! We were one of the last 10 to cross the line I think! I guess that's a different sort of accomplishment that most people wouldn't brag about.

Here are the kids (and parents!) enjoying some free ice cream (at like 9am! It felt like it was noon though.)

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